FD-ST Offline Programming Software

FD-ST Offline Programming Software


FD-ST (V2.0) - Offline Programming Software


The FD-ST is a computer application that gives full robot simulation and offline teaching of your robot. It reduces programming time and production engineering by being able to fully simulate your robot in a virtual environment.

Key Features of the FD-ST Software:

- Offline 3D cell layout, programming and simulation package ensures that teaching can be performed from multiple points-of-view, a multi-viewer, object transparency setting, measurement function and angle monitor.

- Simplified external axis teaching gives automatic adjustment of the external axis of the positioner and slider for optimal welding, all at the click of a mouse.

- Sensor program can be automatically created meaning that offline and shop floor teaching time can be greatly shortened through the automatic creation of touch sensor work programs.

- Reduce the man-hours required for teaching or simulation of your process. Simluation of multiple robots are available with the line layout creation function and I/O synchronization.

- Automatic creation of programming paths  direct from your CAD data, simply import your CAD parts into the FD-ST software.