Value-Adding Enhancers

Value-Adding Enhancers


Direct Control Unit: Cockpit

The optional option to maximise user experience enables you to select a wide range of teaching modes and save coordinates with a simple five-button operation. 


 Mobile Base:

The built-in robot, controller, and teach pendant allows flexible movement and layout in the field.

Easy installation of peripherals such as the pallet and laser scanner and tool storage maximize user experience. 


 Stain-Resistant Model

The enhanced anti-stain function makes it easy to manage the appearance even in a work environment that is exposed to contamination


 Dress Pack:

Organizes various cables connected to the end of tools of the robot allowing efficient operation.

Integrated tube bracket and holder ensures convenient organization, and it is easy to attach/detach and relocate on the robot.


 Robot Jacket:

Protects robot from contamination by liquids used during cutter support work, etc. 

PU coating forms a 2-stage water barrier which wnsures Doosan robot to maintain optimum operation conditions.


Smart Vision Module:

Vision system that can be mounted at the end of the robot.

Inspects object presence and measures position, angle, diameter and length.